Australia video poker rules – follow the main rules and get a win

Australia video poker rules – make clear how to play

Poker is a varied and interesting game. It is not surprising that many poker tournaments take place and they also differ in several categories.

Rules and main types of Australia video poker

Video poker is one of the most popular and profitable gambling entertainment, which is very popular both in offline and online casinos. In fact, video poker game online is a “mixture” of a slot machine and the famous card game – 5-card poker with exchange. Real gaming machines are equipped with the usual buttons for bets and moves, all winning combinations and payouts are summarized in a special table.

Australia video poker rules are in accordance with the standard rules of draw poker (5-card poker). The goal is to collect a paid combination of five cards, making no more than one exchange. All winning combinations of cards are displayed in the payout table, which is necessarily present in each interface of the game. Typically, this table includes all or most of the standard high-poker combinations. In some varieties, a joker is used, although this combination is not paid as generously as a “clean” hi-hand.

Australia video poker rules are quite simple.

  • The player makes a bet, presses the Deal button, after which five cards face down appear on the screen.
  • Then the player can save all the cards that will help to form a profitable combination.
  • To do this, the player needs to click once on the desired card or use the Hold buttons, which are located under each of the five cards.
  • At the next available move, all unselected cards are replaced with new ones for free. If the resulting combination is provided by the payout table, then the player receives a win.

It is better to familiarize yourself with winning combinations, payouts, video poker game rules and other nuances before the start of the game.

video poker rules

Here are two main types of Australia video poker rules tournament:

  1. Multi table tournaments.
  2. Sit and go tournaments.

Each tournament has its own tactics and Australia video poker rules strategy of how to win.

Deuces Wild Video Poker Strategy

Remembering and putting into practice the full strategy of playing Deuces Wild video poker may seem like a bit of a hassle for a large number of novice players. If you want to start the game faster, but at the same time recklessly not throw money down, you can familiarize yourself with the Australia video poker rules of double bonus set out in a simplified strategy.

So, how to act with different numbers of deuces?

  • If you were given four deuces, leave all the cards, because you better not collect anything.
  • If you were dealt three deuces, leave the cards under the “wild” Royal Flush or Five of Kind. Otherwise, leave only deuces.
  • If you were given two deuces, leave any combination starting with Four of Kind and older. Also, leave any four cards under Royal Flush. Otherwise, discard everything except the deuces.
  • If you were dealt one deuce, leave any paid combination, breaking it only if there are four cards on Royal Flush.

Using the short version of Australia video poker rules for playing Deuces Wild, you will be well aware of the basics of playing video poker machine rules correctly.

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